2020 UITS FY20 Expenditures By Source

UITS FY20 Expenditures by Source

University Information Technology Services (UITS) manages an annual budget of approximately $77.6 million to provide a portfolio of IT services to the university community that support the teaching, learning and research mission. The graphic below illustrates UITS expenditures by fund source for FY20. UITS is committed to transparency and accountability, and works to ensure that limited resources are allocated to the highest strategic priorities of the university.

Infographic showing distribution of funds

Funding Sources

Source Total
Institutional Funds $34,134,997
Student Fee $8,574,728
Service Center $12,545,243
TRIF $922,930
Strategic Investment & Projects $21,487,551

UITS Expenditures

Expenditure Total
UITS Admin $3,168,368
Student & Acad Technologies $21,434,871
Research & Discovery Tech $6,503,004
Admin Technologies $6,493,740
Univ Analytics and Inst Resch $4,454,733
Information Security Office $4,671,352
Infra & Foundational Tech $18,481,501
Campus IT Partnerships & IT Service Mgt $6,766,115
Strategic Initiative Reduction $4,385,908
Transfer Out $1,305,839