2020 Critical IT Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Critical IT Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Community & Health

Antibody Testing Hotline

Automated Daily Reports

Daily Detailed Data on Testing Operation

Campus Health Notification System

System to Inform Residence Life of Student Testing Results

COVID Antibody Testing Sites

Technology & Equipment Support for 33 testing sites across Arizona (in collaboration with Arizona Health Sciences)

COVID Watch Arizona App

Development & Support For Exposure Notification App
(in collaboration with Arizona Health Sciences)

End-of-Day Testing Alerts

Reporting Support Solution on Daily Testing

Memory Jogger APP

Development & Support for Location
Tracking App
(in collaboration with Arizona Health Sciences)


Technology & Support for Tracing
of COVID Positive Results
(in collaboration with Arizona Health Sciences)

Testing Appointment System

Booking Solution for Student Testing Before Break

Testing Registration System

Testing Registration System for Students Moving Into Dorms

Wastewater Analytics Solution

Data & Notification Reporting Solution

Wildcat Wellcheck

Developed Website for Exposure Notification App
(in collaboration with Arizona Health Sciences)

Instruction & Learning

Continuity of Instruction

Collaboration With ODL and OIA

Continuous Service

  • OSCR
  • 24/7 IT Support Center
  • Classroom Technology Services

Critical Incident Response

Office of the Provost Website Development

Expanded Self-Service

Allowed Students to Switch From Regular Grading to Pass/Fail

Flexible Learning Options

System changes to support four 
learning modalities
(in collaboration With Registrar’s Office)

New Student Forms

Upgraded Flexibility for Students

Remote Instruction Resources (Web)

Website Development (in collaboration
with OIA and ODL)

Remote Learning for Students (Web)

Website Development

Spring 2020 Commencement

Virtual Event Support From Over 50 UITS Staff

Virtual Student Support

Enabled virtual OSFA and SOS services to Students

Wi-Fi Hotspots

13 Parking Lots (in collaboration with CALS)


Support for Classrooms and Proctoring



Arizona Tri-University Team Contributed Time to National COVID-19 Research Project

National HPC Consortium

UITS Invited to Participate on Selection Committee For Project Requesting Compute Time

Research Lab Re-Entry

Checklist Approval Workflow for Researchers Returning to Campus (in collaboration with RII)

Wi-Fi Crowd Analytics

Used to Support Campus Space Decisions (in collaboration with Eller)

Operations & Support

Campus Health Services

New UA Site Built by Campus Web Services


Trellis Marketing Messages Sent On Behalf of University Leadership

Connecting to People

28 Amazon Connect Cloud Contact Centers

Expanded VPN

Increased Connections


Support for Campus Decision-Making


Supported COVID HIPAA/HPI Research and Testing Environments

IT Community

70 IT Professionals Continuity Meetings

Live Videoconferencing

Support of Provost and President in Live Zoom COVID-19 Updates to Campus and Community

Predictive Modeling

Pay Equity Analysis & Net Tuition Revenue Dashboards for Furlough Tracking

Slack Workspaces

Solution for Teams Working Remotely

Trellis Social

Single Platform for Social Media Messaging

UAccess Employee

Individual Flextime Tracking

Website Development

Arizona.edu/COVID-19 (in collaboration with Marketing & Brand Management)