2019 Annual Report

University Information Technology Services

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2019

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Our IT Community Is Better, Together

The 2018-19 fiscal year was filled with great success and accomplishments, thanks to our many talented university IT professionals and collaborative partners across campus.

Information technology and the people behind it are integral to the University of Arizona’s teaching, research, service, and administrative activities. I am proud of all that UITS and the campus IT community have achieved this year.

Technology is foundational across all pillars of the UArizona Strategic Plan, providing us an opportunity to support the plan’s objectives on many levels. IT has engaged in key Strategic Plan initiatives including Trellis Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), Data Warehouse, Contract Management, and Travel Authorization.

We have seen progress on several campus-wide IT initiatives including: strengthening our information security posture; leveraging our cloud service offerings to realize greater efficiencies and cost savings; improving the student digital experience; and re-architecting IT service delivery.  In addition, we welcomed University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR) to the CIO division and aligned their service offerings to campus needs.

This annual report highlights some of the exciting work that UITS undertook this past year, and how information technology provides foundational and innovative support to our faculty, staff, students and our community.

As the Chief Information Officer and primary advocate for the value of information technology on campus, I believe our IT community is better when we work together to implement technology services and systems for campus, when we collaborate to solve technology challenges and provide unified solutions.

UITS remains committed to working with our IT community and campus partners to advance the university’s mission and goals outlined in its strategic plan. I look forward to serving our campus community to not only solve their technology needs in new and exciting ways, but also continue to advance Arizona as a world-class academic institution.

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Barry Brummund
Chief Information Office