2020 Annual Report

University Information Technology Services

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2020

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Message from the CIO

Dear Colleagues

The 2019-20 fiscal year has been a year like no other in our lifetime. While it has had unprecedented obstacles, the events over the past year brought renewed emphasis on the University of Arizona’s core values as we strive to “improve how we educate and innovate so we can lead the way in developing disruptive problem-solvers capable of tackling our greatest challenges.” 2020 was undoubtedly one of our greatest challenges.

But 2020 was not just about responding to the challenge of COVID-19. IT achieved significant milestones this year including many that were important for the University as a whole. We continued to make progress on our operational maturity to achieve the goals outlined in the IT Security Performance Audit while advancing University priorities including curriculum; teaching and learning; research; diversity, equity, inclusion; health (Test, Trace, Treat); marketing and communications.

Collaborative efforts of the IT community transformed our work beyond the focus of technical innovation and support. We came together as one campus IT community each and every day, thereby achieving greater success and accomplishments across campus, in the local community, and across the state. During this pandemic, it has never been clearer that information technology and the people behind it are integral to achieving the University of Arizona’s mission and succeeding in reaching the vision that boldly speaks of working together to create solutions to big problems. I am proud of all that UITS and our campus IT community have achieved during this challenging this year.

This annual report highlights some of the dedicated work that UITS undertook to support our faculty, staff, and students in their teaching, learning, research, and service missions. Please take a moment to review these accomplishments beginning with the Critical IT Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic infographic on page 2 of this report.

I look forward to serving our campus community to not only solve their technology needs in new and exciting ways, but also continue to advance Arizona as a world-class academic institution.

Barry Brummund

Barry Brummund
Chief Information Officer