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Administrative Technologies creates and implements innovative technology solutions used to operate and manage the business of the University of Arizona.

UAccess Employee Delivers Inclusion and Diversity Reporting Capabilities

This year employees were introduced to new features that provided flexibility in allowing them to specify their preferred self- identified gender and pronoun. Also included was an option for disability self-identification. While these are important options of choice for individuals, these features will also provide expanded reporting in support of the university’s mission of diversity and inclusion. Another important upgrade included new configuration and customization to Open Enrollment as new benefit plans were contracted for 2021 triggering a full positive enrollment process.

UCAP Drives Largest Reconfiguration in 10 Years

The UAccess Employee team had the largest reconfiguration of the employee workforce system since its implementation 10 years ago due to the University Career Architecture Program (UCAP) initiative.

UCAP was huge for University Human Resources and employees. It was also an epic reconfiguration of the UAccess system’s
pay groups and code values that impact recordkeeping, payroll cycles, the payroll calendar, and benefits calculations. The whole project took many months as the team coordinated with HR to implement a new set of job codes, positions, and job records in the reconfigured UAccess Employee system.

New Learning Management System for Employees

Another months-long project to redesign the way University employees receive professional development and certification training included project management and systems development by UITS Administrative Technologies. The new Employee Development Growth & Engagement (EDGE) Learning Management System is due to go live in November 2020.

New Contract Management System Brings Efficiency and Transparency

UITS Administrative Technologies staff provided leadership in researching and procuring a new contract management system this past year. In fulfillment of the University’s Strategic Initiative 5.2A4, the team brought together a diverse workgroup of stakeholders from across campus to review a new document management system for executed contract storage and retrieval. Throughout the year, the workgroup established governance for areas such as common indexing and security configuration. The team developed an implementation process and established a document & index migration for the new tool. Training began over the summer and went live in September with the first four offices.

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