2023 Annual Report


Annual Report Fiscal Year 2023

Message from the CIO

Dear Colleagues,

Information technology plays a pivotal role in empowering the University of Arizona to fulfill its core objectives in teaching, research, and public service. The contemporary higher education landscape unequivocally underscores the intensified reliance on technology, transforming it into an essential element. For any educational institution, including ours, the mission cannot be accomplished without embracing technology. It seamlessly interconnects with every facet of our operations, encompassing the gathering and scrutiny of research, internal communication, essential functions like payroll and environmental systems, the dissemination of knowledge to our students, and maintaining connections with colleagues worldwide.

UITS New Organizational Chart

Over the past few years, the CIO Division has been developing modernized IT services to improve the University’s IT infrastructure and reduce its risk from external influences. More recently, the acceleration of our work has included expanding out partnerships, transforming digital platform to bring personalization to students and faculty, and design and implement a comprehensive information security risk management program to protect sensitive information, define roles and responsibilities and reduce risk.

This past year, Trellis celebrated five years of partnering with students and stakeholders to improve the student journey. In particular, over 90% of students were able to get all the textbooks they needed through the Pay One Price program, thanks to partnership with the BookStores and University Libraries. UAIR worked with UCATT and Faculty Affairs to explore data on student outcomes and university researchers needing high-performance processing time gained benefits through the university’s distinctive computing resource, Windfall.

Please read on in this Annual Report to learn more about the projects we have launched with our partners and the progress we have made. I and all our organization deeply appreciate your collaboration and advocacy as we continue to work towards providing modern, secure, supported technology to the University community.

Barry Brummund

Barry Brummund
Chief Information Officer 

The University of Arizona Purpose & Values:

Working together to expand human potential, explore new horizons and enrich life for all.

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