FY23 IT Benchmarking and Strategic Planning

FY23 IT Benchmarking & Strategic Planning

The CIO Division conducts an annual benchmarking analysis to assess our strategy and operations relative to higher education peers and IT units across the University of Arizona. The analysis compares strategic priorities, services, organizational design, personnel, operating and capital expenditures, suppliers, and operational maturity to inform data driven decision-making with University leadership, IT leadership and IT staff. This information is published in the University’s IT Annual Report to foster transparency and support strategic planning activities.

External Benchmarking

The University of Arizona, a land-grant university with two independently accredited medical schools, is one of the nation’s top public universities in the U.S. News & World Report (USNWR) national university rankings. The University is also ranked in the top 20 in research expenditures among all public institutions and is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU). In FY23, UArizona’s IT expenditure was 6.1%, which was the smallest expenditure compared to higher education peers in all other benchmark categories.

Information Technology at UArizona

The University of Arizona’s IT community is comprised of 1018.5 professionals across central and distributed job functions that support college, institutional, auxiliary and enterprise-wide services. The annual expenditure in FY23 for IT across the University was $153.9M.

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University Information Technology Services

The CIO Division operates and manages central IT services for University of Arizona faculty, staff and students. Within the division, there are 360.8 total IT FTEs represented in 19 UCAP IT job families. The annual expenditure in FY23 for the CIO Division was $82.4M.



ABOR Peers
Public AAU
USNWR Public 2024
Top 50
Faculty FTE1
ABOR Peers3,593
Public AAU2,817
USNWR Public 2024 Top 502,697
Student FTE2
ABOR Peers42,631
Public AAU39,577
USNWR Public 2024 Top 5035,607
Research Exp.3
(in the thousands)
ABOR Peers$911.4M
Public AAU$726.9M
USNWR Public 2024 Top 50$659.7M
Total Exp.4
(net of hospital)
ABOR Peers$2,676.7M
Public AAU$2,195.4M
USNWR Public 2024 Top 50$2,034.5M
IT Staff FTE (Central + Dist)
ABOR Peers989
Public AAU905
USNWR Public 2024 Top 50779
Central IT Staff FTE
ABOR Peers379
Public AAU421
USNWR Public 2024 Top 50349
Distributed IT Staff FTE
ABOR Peers609
Public AAU484
USNWR Public 2024 Top 50430
Total IT Exp. (Central + Dist) 5
ABOR Peers$194.1M
Public AAU$169.1M
USNWR Public 2024 Top 50$142.6M
Central IT Exp.
ABOR Peers$78.4M
Public AAU$85.0M
USNWR Public 2024 Top 50$72.3M
Dist. IT Exp.
ABOR Peers$115.7M
Public AAU$84.1M
USNWR Public 2024 Top 50$70.3M
IT Staff (per 1k Students)
ABOR Peers23.0
Public AAU22.8
USNWR Public 2024 Top 5021.1
IT Exp. as % Total
ABOR Peers7.9%
Public AAU8.0%
USNWR Public 2024 Top 507.2%
Number of Institutions
ABOR Peers5
Public AAU12
USNWR Public 2024 Top 5014

*UArizona is not included in any of the benchmark group averages

1 Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) - Human Resources Component FY2022
2 IPEDS - Enrollment Component FY2022
3 NSF Higher Education Research and Development Survey 2021
4 IPEDS Finance Component FY2021
5 Educause Core Data Service Survey FY2022