2022 Support Services

Support Services

Support Services optimizes the student, staff, faculty and research technology experience with anytime, anywhere support.

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Streamlining Device Security and Support

Keeping up the computers used by faculty and staff can be time consuming. However, it is critical to maintain device security and ensure that employees continue to do their work without interruptions.

Current technologies can automate much of what needs to be done such as the setup for new computers and installing software updates. It increases security by applying encryption to University devices, keeping system patches up to date, and protecting computers from malware.

UITS went through the proposal process for a unified endpoint management (UEM) system. Workspace ONE, chosen to best suit the University’s diverse IT needs, will be the core of the upcoming Technology Lifecycle Care (TLC) service from UITS.

TLC will roll out in the coming year to University units, providing workstations and desktop support to employees. By leveraging Workspace ONE, the dedicated TLC support teams will be able to monitor the health of their customers’ computers and provide timely individual service when needed.

With centrally provided workstations and support, TLC will provide equity across University departments, regardless of their budget for new equipment and the latest in IT services.

Classroom Upgrades Improve the Teaching and Learning Experience

Classroom Technology Services (CTS) upgraded all centrally scheduled classrooms over Winter 2021 with microphone systems or webcams at teaching stations to improve lecture audio. This upgrade gives remote students a better audio experience.

Over Spring 2022, 40 centrally scheduled classrooms got new equipment to refresh old classroom computers and projectors. During this refresh, classrooms were standardized around a “digital pole vault” system that connects the classroom or instructor computer with all the room audio and video equipment through a central panel.

The CTS team worked around occupancy schedules to leverage standard and off peak hours to complete work during the semester.

New Password Security Practices

Threats are continually evolving and the University remains vigilant to protect the institution’s community. Security threats to students, faculty and staff increased in FY22, prompting the 24/7 to implement new practices around password resets to protect the campus community and minimize this type of malicious activity.

FY22 Metrics

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