2022 Digital Experience Technologies

The Digital Experience

Digital Experience Technologies focuses on technologies that support the digital experience for the University community.

Leveraging Trellis CRM in Human Resources

The Trellis Program has been providing enterprise CRM tools to the University since 2019 as a component of the Strategic Plan Pillar 5. The University Division of Human Resources was one of many departments that leveraged the powerful tools available through Trellis in FY21. With 289,000 email sends in 2021 spanning important subjects such as vaccine guidelines, benefits open enrollment, retirement information and more, University HR has experienced the benefit that comes with strategic communications management.

The HR Division also utilizes Trellis service management, a suite of phone, live chat, and webform capabilities that help University service professionals support faculty, staff, and students in their case management processes. With service management, HR can track and manage interactions over time, including open cases on individuals or organizations, documenting and tracking progression of cases from open to close.

Learn more about the Trellis CRM at trellis.arizona.edu

Students Move To @Arizona for University Email and Logins

A multi-year project was completed in FY22 with the migration of student email to the @arizona domain. This process also included implementing the @arizona domain for single sign-on to access University provided software applications, creating a simplified user experience.

CIO Division staff undertook an extensive, yearlong process to prepare for a smooth and successful transition which required a thorough review of academic calendars and outreach to college units to minimize potential impacts to students and faculty.

Collaboration with campus IT staff and external vendors to review and test 310 systems and applications included ongoing coordination and technical discussions leading up to the transition.

This project would not have been possible without a strong collaboration among hundreds of staff in the University’s IT community as well as on-going partnership between the CIO Division, the Office of the General Counsel, Marketing and Brand Management, the Division of Human Resources and Faculty Affairs.

CatCloud Portal Debuts

CatCloud, a new digital portal for students to manage their academic and student life, debuted earlier this year with the first pilot program in the W.A. Franke Honors College. The new portal allows students to view classes and grades, organize assignments and quizzes, receive enrollment notifications, and find and schedule appointments with advisors. Students can also customize their experience, ensuring they are seeing information that is specific to them. CatCloud will launch for all students in fall 2021.

Students have been a key part of the development team, working alongside developers in the Trellis program to create and support the product. They also chose the portal’s name in a vote held in fall 2021.

Creating a student portal has been a long-term goal to enhance the student digital experience. CatCloud is a collaboration involving UITS, the Office of Instruction and Assessment, instructors, students and student support units.

A Unified Web Experience

The COVID pandemic helped to shine a spotlight on the importance of having an ecosystem of University websites that are not only aligned with the same brand and platform, but also provide a cohesive flow of information and experience for our many stakeholders.

Campus Web Services has launched a Unified Web Experience initiative that leverages the digital assets that have been developed by campus collaborators over the past four years to meet the growing need for accessibility, brand alignment and unity across University websites.

The Unified Web Experience is establishing a standardized approach for University web developers and content creators while achieving operational efficiencies and reducing technical debt. This is being made possible by:

  • A consortium of University web developers who are developing and refining technical platforms, such as Quickstart and Bootstrap, with new enhancements. They area also leveraging Trellis CRM and canonical source data that can be integrated into University websites and shared by the web development community.
  • Campus Web Services, which offers Arizona Sites, a self-service tool for building and managing University websites that does not require web development expertise.

The Unified Web Experience is poised to have a significant impact on the way that the University of Arizona approaches websites and web development.

Learn more about Campus Web Services at web.arizona.edu

FY22 Metrics

Trellis CRM

Total Active Users


Early Progress Reports sent


Appointments Scheduled


Case Management

Service Cases Created


Trellis Marketing Cloud

Total Active Users


All Units: Ind. Emails Sent


Campus Web Services

Websites Supported


Websites Launched in 2021


Service Requests


Campus Websites that have adopted Quickstart


Employee Email & Collaboration

Active Office365 Users


Avg. emails received daily


Teams – Avg. work day number of messages


Student Email & Collaboration

Avg. emails sent daily



  • Campus Web Services
  • Trellis Service
  • Trellis Engagement
  • Employee Email & Collaboration
  • Student Email & Collaboration
  • Video Conferencing
  • Arizona Mobile App

Collaborators across student service organizations and academic units have steadily been enhancing the digital services students use to interact with the University.