2019 Infrastructure Technologies

Building Infrastructure for Tomorrow's Technology

UITS Infrastructure Technologies is designing and maintaining the next generation of technology infrastructure for students, faculty, and staff as they increase the demand for network availability, performance, and security with their digital devices.

Building Customer-Centricity Into Our Service Platform

For decades, the organizational structure of technology has been that of technology oriented silos, driven by elements based on tasks. UITS recently shifted to a Plan, Build, Run organizational structure that focuses on successful service development and delivery lifecycle rather than on one individual element or component. The Build team, for example, now encompasses members of the platform team. 

“This new structure empowers our teams to work more effectively between the technology elements of network and data center operations, application development, project management, support and field services,” explains Derek Masseth, Chief Technology Officer

This type of arrangement creates a cross-functional, 360 perspective of the service being developed. The organizational change is more than moving managers around though. It’s injecting a more service-oriented culture and integrating outcomes that we deliver upon. It’s also about creating the opportunity to break down the pillars of separation in traditional Information technology organizations.

Technology Behind Building Redesign & Construction

The UITS Estimating and Engineering team had close to $4 million in construction management during FY19. Large infrastructure projects included network design and installation in the Health Sciences Innovation Building, Cole and Jeannie Davis Indoor Sports Arena, Oro Valley Veterinary Medicine Facility, and the Hillenbrand Softball Stadium & Aquatics Center among others.


  • Network Core & Internet2 ISP
  • Campus Data Network
  • Voice Services
  • Network Management
  • Network & Data Center Operations


Core network devices

1-2 years old


Routers + switches campus wide

735 are 7-16 years old (obsolete)


Wi-Fi access points campus wide

Up to 5 years old

"The complexities associated with delivering the information and technology solutions that we are called upon to deploy today are growing exponentially, and require a new organizing model for delivering services."

Derek Masseth, Chief Technology Officer