About Us

UA Information Technology is a collaborative partnership of the IT units at the University of Arizona, all dedicated to delivering world-class service and technological solutions in support of research, teaching and learning, administration, and healthcare.

Central IT

  • University Information Technology Services (UITS) reports to the Chief Information Officer and provides central information technology services to campus, including enterprise business applications, campus network and communications infrastructure, email and calendaring, telecommunication systems, research computing infrastructure, IT Support and many other services to support individual schools, departments, and business units. UITS also has representatives who coordinate and collaborate with campus IT departments to optimize IT resources for all.

  • UA Information Security (UAIS) reports to the Chief Information Officer, and oversees the UA's efforts to protect its computing and information assets and to comply with information-related laws, regulations, and policies. UAIS provides information security training, evaluations, best practice recommendations for the campus network and community, and coordinates the university's information security incident response.

Campus IT Governance

  • Administrative Technology Advisory Council (ATAC): The Administration Technology Advisory Council (ATAC) acts on behalf of the administrative interests of the institution and represents units, departments, and divisions by effectively participating in campus-wide Information Technology (IT) governance and strategic decision-making. 

  • Business Systems Coordinating Council: this council provides oversight and direction for the enterprise systems that support the University’s business operations, identifies and prioritizes technology-based solutions for shared business needs, sets priorities, and ensures coordination on the effective use of information technology resources to meet the operational and strategic needs of the University.

  • Deans Information Technology Council (DITC): The Deans' Information Technology Council is a body of appointed senior information technology (IT) professionals whose mission is to assist their deans in understanding and advancing the institutional IT agenda as it relates to academic, administrative, and research needs. 

  • IT Directors Council: this council is comprised of members from the Administration Technology Advisory Council (ATAC), Deans Information Technology Council (DITC), and VP, Information Strategy & University Libraries units. The purpose of the group is to enhance communication, collaboration, and information sharing among the university's IT Community.

  • Information Security Steering Committee: The Information Security Steering Committee was established pursuant to Section 9-202(F) of the Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual, and is comprised of a broad cross-section of campus leaders.  The Committee establishes priorities and policies for campus information security program, and investigates and determines University response for breach notifications.

  • IT Security Council: The IT Security Council is comprised of campus IT leaders who are responsible for implementing information security within their respective units. The IT Security Council provides guidance and feedback for IT security initiatives, has voting members appointed by deans and administrative unit heads, and includes ex-officio representation from faculty, staff, and student groups.

  • UAIR Steering Committee: University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR) combines the Business Intelligence and Institutional Research functions for the UA.

Projects and Strategic Initiatives

The Office of the Chief Information Officer is leading a variety of IT strategic projects and initiatives to advance the teaching, learning, and research mission of the university. 

The CIO also sponsors other collaborative initiatives around IT.